Tondré Olé
 Inspirer / Change Maker / Influencer/Content Creator / Voice Actor / Producer / Song Writer / Videographer ​​​​​​​
At a very young age, Tondré was taught that “Charity begins at home, then spreads abroad.” “Kindness is free,” he says, “and should be equally and widely practiced without prejudice. It is a part of that charity that starts at home.” Tondré’s ultimate goal is to guide and encourage people worldwide to be better versions of themselves, a more loving and kinder version. “Our power thrives when we help others. Which is all the more reason why it is essential for us to do all the good we can, to all the people we can, in every way we can. Just because we can.” His biggest achievement thus far has been accepting this leap of faith’s challenge of embarking on the wonderful journey of helping others heal through awareness, mindfulness, and inner self-discovery, which has led him to a direct path of discovering his true purpose, and this is only the beginning for this Change Maker.
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