Organizations bring Tondré in because his powerful and Captivating message 
gets them results!
Professional background
Before Tondré's career in personal development and public speaking, he worked in the entertainment industry in the corporate sector in production, management, branding, marketing, and creative services. His formula for success is one that will leave your audience inspired to perform above & beyond their highest level. 
Tondré's powerful message will help your audience learn the art of taking ownership of their daily lives and performance. His message is one that will challenge your employees and team to expand their minds; and when they grow, the organization grows!
These are a few of the speaking programs and topics Tondré shares That Positively Impacts organizations & companies
Achieving personal growth means excelling and experiencing success in multiple areas of life. Many employees feel they give their best to their company but only have little to no energy to offer their families. In this presentation, Tondré will motivate and inspire your staff to excel internally, at home, and at work. He will get to the root of what needs to be done to find tranquility, enabling individuals to be more productive and successful in all aspects of their lives. Throughout the presentation, he will empower your audience to strive for their best while incorporating self-care which is beneficial, not only to the organization but in every aspect of life. Tondré's message of self-care is genuine and transparent.
During his presentation, Tondré shares his expertise in overcoming obstacles based on his experiences through uncertain times. His keynote address provides valuable insights and practical strategies for your staff or team to surpass challenges and succeed. A major obstacle for organizations is maintaining productivity when things do not go as planned. However, Tondré will guide your team members to attain new heights and reach their goals despite obstacles.
In his presentation, Tondré highlights the importance of self-discipline and encourages his audience to make it a priority. According to his research, discipline is the essential ingredient for achieving success in any area of life. After studying successful individuals in various fields like sports and entertainment for over a decade, Tondré found that those who are seen as dominant in their industry have attained success by being more disciplined than their peers. The presentation targets those who wish to help their team members achieve excellence regularly.
4. Mental Agility:
Why invite Tondré to speak? He recognizes a company's value of having team members who can adapt and respond to various ideas, challenges, and events with flexibility. Tondré's presentation is designed to enhance the focus and productivity of your organization's members, regardless of external circumstances. While most people excel when everything goes smoothly, this presentation equips them to perform at their best even when faced with adversity.
5. Company Culture:
Tondré invites you to explore your company culture in depth in this presentation. This is a crucial exercise since company culture plays a vital role in retaining employees and influencing their decision to stay with an organization. Successful teams understand the importance of company culture, a binding force that unites everything and forms the foundation for business operations and decision-making. If keeping your team together is crucial to you, then Tondré is the ideal speaker to select.​​​​​​​
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